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Delicious Desserts
Delicious Desserts
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Contrary to popular belief, desserts are an integral part of a nutritious diet. The main principle that should be adhered to, according to nutritionists, is that they should not enter the daily diet. But for special events, various holidays, they can become a kind of "reward". New Year, Christmas is the best way to pamper yourself with goodies. As the holidays are still going on, here's an overview of the world's most popular desserts that can still be prepared.

The 25 most popular desserts in the world

Christmas pudding (UK)

No Christmas holiday in Britain is complete without special pudding. Despite its popularity in the country,
and beyond its borders, it is not as tasty as it seems. However, everyone still has a chance to try it. And suddenly you like it.

Dulce de leche (Argentina)

Condensed milk is the pride of Argentina. It is a mixture of milk and sugar, which is boiled down before caramelization and turns into a thick, tender mass.
Of course, you can buy it in the store, but it will be much tastier if cooked at home.

Bolu Rey (Portugal)

Bolu rei, also called the royal cake, is a traditional Portuguese sweet bread with nuts and candied fruits,
served on Christmas Day or January 6th on King's Day.

Mazariner (Sweden)

Delicious almond baskets are considered one of the variants of the Italian crostata di mandodorle, a pie with almonds.
And the name itself suggests the origin of the dish. They are named after the Italian-French cardinal Giulio Mazarin (1602-1661), also known as Jules Mazarin. Thus, the dessert is already more than four hundred years old, and such longevity only proves its amazing taste.

Cherry Pie (Holland)

Cherry and chocolate lovers will appreciate the lighter version of the German Black Forest cake.

Gulabjamun (India)

Gulabjamun is one of the most popular Indian desserts, which are donuts made from condensed or skim milk,
drenched in pink sugar syrup.

Vinarterta (Iceland)

In Iceland, this puff prune cake is also called the "Striped Lady". It is usually prepared during the winter holidays,
especially at Christmas. But there is no single recipe, but there is an opportunity to try several of them.

Banoffy Pie (England)

Perhaps one of the most amazing desserts in England. It is made from bananas, cream, and toffee brewed from condensed milk.
All this is laid out on a crust of crumbled cookies and butter.

Knafeh (Middle East)

Many Middle Eastern countries, such as Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Syria, claim to be to be considered the birthplace of this delicious dessert. But no one can say for sure. The same Greeks cook
a very similar dish called kataifi, only soft cheese is not put in it.

Tiramisu (Italy)

Tiramisu is one of the most popular Italian desserts, made from savoyardi cookies soaked in coffee, and cream of beaten eggs, sugar and mascarpone. Due to its popularity, it has spread throughout the world and acquired many variations.

Cranahan (Scotland)

A traditional Scottish dessert made with oatmeal, cream, whiskey and raspberries. This is an amazing opportunity to amaze
guests not only in the heart, but also in the stomach.

Rocky Road Cakes (Australia)

Rocky Road is an Australian dessert made with milk chocolate, marshmallow and served as a cake
or cupcakes. In the USA, it is usually served with ice cream.

Guinness chocolate cake (Ireland)

The Irish have their own idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcelebrating Christmas or St. Patrick's Day. And alcohol plays an important role there,
even in desserts. And the combination of chocolate and beer in the cake will be simply unsurpassed.

Cake "Three milk" (Mexico)

The cake got its name from the fact that it is soaked in three types of milk.
Although Mexican cuisine is known for its delicious, yet very satisfying dishes, this dessert can be called the easiest and most harmless in terms of calories.

Devil's Food Cake (USA)

The cake is made from dark chocolate, and it got its name for its rich and rich taste, which simply cannot be sinful.

Dobos (Hungary)

"Dobosh" is a magnificent sponge cake made of seven cakes, coated with chocolate butter cream and decorated with caramel.
It was named after its creator, Hungarian chef Joseph Dobos.

Brazo de Gitano (Spain)

Although the name translates as "the hand of a gypsy", it is just a biscuit roll. It is worth noting that he appeared at all
not in Spain, but somewhere in central Europe, but this is where it turned into a traditional Christmas dessert.

Christmas log (Belgium / France)

This is an incredibly delicious roll made with chocolate sponge cake and chocolate cream. It is usually sprinkled with
powdered sugar, which should symbolize snow.

Melomakarona (Greece)

It is simply impossible to tear yourself away from small honey cookies. This is one of the most popular treats in
Greece during the Christmas holidays. And to make the taste even better, melomakarona is covered with milk chocolate.

Profiteroles (France)

Profiteroles are one of the best desserts in the world, which are choux pastry balls,
filled with cream and covered with milk chocolate glaze.

Sachertorte (Austria)

It is one of the most famous chocolate cakes in the world since its introduction in 1832 thanks to
Austrian Franz Sacher. It is an amazing sponge cake covered with a thin layer of apricot jam,
and chocolate icing on top only under

Cake "Pavlova" (New Zealand)

Let no one be fooled by the name, the dessert was invented in New Zealand. But really named
in honor of the great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It represents the most delicate meringue, decorated with whipped
cream and fresh fruit pieces.

Panettone (Italy)

Perhaps the most popular Christmas sweet bread in Europe over the past
several decades. It appeared in Milan and soon became a symbol of the city. Now panettone
can be found in many European and American cities.

Cheesecake (Greece / USA)

An incredibly delicious dessert, usually attributed to the American origin,
will make the festive table unique. And the history of cheesecake is longer than it seems.
The first memories of him date back to the fifth century BC. Ancient greek doctor
Egimus has written an entire book on the art of making cheesecakes.

Cake "Black Forest" (Germany)

"Schwarzwald" - an amazingly delicious chocolate cake consisting of four biscuit cakes,
pickled cherries and whipped cream, sprinkled with chocolate chips and garnished with berries.
And for dessert, you can serve a great cup of coffee.

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